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Kayla Davis, LPC-MHSP-T

Therapy is my career and a passion. I value the therapy process and know that people have such great capacity for change and growth when they're given the skills and the opportunity to feel heard and safe. We aren't always taught the skills (emotional, interpersonal, cognitive, etc) that we need to thrive in life, which can leave us feeling groundless, isolated, purposeless, or confused. I firmly believe that with these skills and with increased self-awareness, you can have the life that might seem so out of reach right now.

I am also passionate about my dog (Sonny!), being outside hiking or gardening, traveling, and reading. I love reading Mary Oliver and collecting houseplants. I don't think I could live without cups of hot tea or pasta. 

I am licensed at the Master's level as a Temporary Licensed Professional Counselor with a Mental Health Service Provider designation (LPC, MHSP-T). I am under the direct supervision of licensing supervisor Paul Babb, Ed.S, ACS, LPC-MHSP.